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2008 January 02 — Why Now?
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Instead of Iowa, the first primary should be in West Florida. We are also in the Central Time Zone, have more registered voters, and are just about as cold with single digit wind chills, but we don’t have the snow and ice until the pipes break.

When you are insulating a house in Florida the assumption is air conditioning and you are looking at a 30° temperature differential between inside and outside air, i.e. covering from 40° to 100° while maintaining 70° inside. When the temperature drops below freezing, you feel it inside during the three or four cold spells a winter.

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January 2, 2008   11 Comments


They won’t fight for SCHIP; they won’t fund heating assistance for the the poor; they won’t fix the infrastructure; but they can find money for something like this:

The Associated Press tells us that the Government offers TV coupons

WASHINGTON (AP) — Millions of $40 government coupons became available Tuesday to help low-tech television owners buy special converter boxes for older TVs that might not work after the switch to digital broadcasting.

Beginning February 18, 2009, anyone who does not own a digital set and still gets their programming via over-the-air antennas will no longer receive a picture.

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January 2, 2008   14 Comments