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2008 January 18 — Why Now?
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He’s Lame And A Lame Duck

So, the Shrubbery announced his stimulus package and the Dow dropped another 60 points. Lots of confidence in his economic policies.

Oh, as I look back my guess is that the start of the “economic slowdown” will be October, 2007; it won’t be official for another two months; and the delay in requests means that nothing has a prayer of getting done on stimulus before the summer.

Given that the Christmas sales started in November, and no one seemed to be overstocked this year, I have a feeling that retailers had already figured out that things were going to suck in the late summer. As usual the people and the Hedgemony are the last ones to find out what’s going on with the economy.

January 18, 2008   4 Comments

Rudy’s Toast On The Coast

The proprietor of the Pensacola Beach Blog has picture and the story of the dumbest thing any candidate has done to win votes on the Panhandle: FEMA Destroyer Visits Gulf Coast.

While many people are aware that FEMA hasn’t been very helpful with Katrina, few realize the Florida Panhandle is still stuck in limbo on Ivan from the year before, and Giuliani comes here with Joe Allbaugh, who among his other great moves recommend his college roommate, Michael Brown, to head FEMA when he left.

I’m surprised Rudy didn’t schedule a photo op of him kicking dogs at the local humane society – it wouldn’t have made him any less popular.

January 18, 2008   3 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

Complaining Already

Friday Cat Blogging

Mom, he’s in my area!

[Editor: Another cold front coming in, so nothing to see but lumps under the blankets. Here’s a baby picture.]

Friday Ark

In Memoriam

NTodd had to say goodbye to Rin Tin.

January 18, 2008   11 Comments