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2008 January 23 — Why Now?
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They Lied

Now that there is independent research that confirms what reasonable people have known for years, that the Hedgemony lied us into a war, 925 935 certified lies in two years, what happens next?

More that 4 members of the US military and countless innocent Iraqis died for each of those lies. Will the media admit its culpability? Will the victims see any justice?

Have we sunk to the level of Joe Stalin – “One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic” ?

January 23, 2008   15 Comments

Cat Travel News

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It’s always a good idea to check inside your luggage if you have cats in the house.

TSA will cop your pudding, but they miss a cat in checked luggage? I have to believe that at some point the cat released a nitrogen compound with a major odor component that should have been picked up by sensors that are supposed to be checking baggage.

As for the mix up at the destination, the only airport where I ever saw any attempt to monitor baggage pick-up is San Diego’s Lindbergh Field. Everywhere else you can grab anything you want and walk off with it.

January 23, 2008   7 Comments

About That Privatized Social Security

CBS News is running a series on retirement: Can Families Trust A Volatile Market?

In this episode you have people who did what the financial planners told them to do for a comfortable early retirement that they keep having to postpone because they can’t afford it. Imagine what life would be like if Congress had gone along with the Shrubbery’s plan to privatize Social Security. Your retirement being managed by the people who created the sub-prime mortgage mess and the market in the toilet.

In other financial news, Fallenmonk wants to know: Is it Negative? If the Federal Reserve’s overnight rate is 3.5% and inflation is 4.5% isn’t that a negative 1%. In multiple places I have seen the opinion that the Fed is, indeed, paying banks a 1% premium to borrow money.

January 23, 2008   2 Comments

As If We Didn’t Know

Bob Sullivan, MSNBC Technology correspondent, informs us that “water is wet” in his lengthy article, Most Americans are in cell phone jail, describing the practices of cellular companies in the United States.

We are years behind the rest of the world, have lousy connectivity, can’t buy the latest phones, don’t have the features, and pay outrageous prices while receiving crummy customer service.

People wonder why I still have a pre-paid cell phone. For one thing it was cheaper than the cheapest local cellular provider, and has gotten even cheaper while everyone else’s rates have gone up. I only pay for the calls I actually make or receive and there are no hidden charges. It isn’t a camera, a music player, an e-mail terminal – it just a telephone. That’s all I want.

January 23, 2008   8 Comments

In Health News

CNN is running a report on Critical things to know about your cholesterol, which is actually reasonable, and is important to young women, now that medicine has finally recognized that women can have heart attacks.

It is important to note for Huckabee supporters that in addition to harboring the fleas that carry the plague, squirrels are high in cholesterol, even if they are not deep fried in a popcorn popper.

January 23, 2008   9 Comments

What Do You Think?

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In Florida the race is on for fourth place – can Rudy Giuliani beat Ron Paul in the Florida Republican primary?

January 23, 2008   5 Comments