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2008 January 15 — Why Now?
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Poll Diving

Mark Adams at Dispassionate Liberal is enjoys diving into the numbers and has started State Poll Analysis over at his place.

Judging by the graphics, Mark is an Edwards supporter, but if you read his analysis, he subsumes that bias, occasionally to Edwards’s detriment, when looking at the data because he has established a uniform method.

If you like the nuts and bolts, Mark has them.

January 15, 2008   2 Comments

You’re Kidding, Right?

I’m checking my e-mail [BTW John, thanks for giving Barack my address, because there’s nothing I need more than unsolicited requests for money 😈 ] and what to my wondering eyes should appear [apologies to whoever wrote A Visit From Saint Nicholas] but a request to sign a petition to ask Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City to come to our rescue because, apparently, nearly two dozen people running for President isn’t enough:

[

January 15, 2008   8 Comments