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You’re Kidding, Right? — Why Now?
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You’re Kidding, Right?

I’m checking my e-mail [BTW John, thanks for giving Barack my address, because there’s nothing I need more than unsolicited requests for money 😈 ] and what to my wondering eyes should appear [apologies to whoever wrote A Visit From Saint Nicholas] but a request to sign a petition to ask Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City to come to our rescue because, apparently, nearly two dozen people running for President isn’t enough:

If you believe Mike Bloomberg should run for president, then now is the time to tell him!

America needs and deserves a president with vision and a proven track record of solving tough problems and delivering real results, a president who can bring America together through true leadership and fine character.

With a recession looming, we believe that Mayor Bloomberg, a proven successful businessman and public servant, is that leader to help us rebuild our country.

Excuse me, Gerald, but the country got into this mess with an MBA in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, so “successful businessman” translates into profligate wastrel that created the worst financial situation the nation has ever seen and multiple wars. Trying to convince me that I should ask a Donald Trump crony, albeit with a better haircut and manner, to rectify the mess created by a rabid group of corporatists is so far beyond the pale, that you can no longer recognize it as a pale, or even a line on the horizon.

Here’s the deal – a government is ideally a non-profit organization that is supposed to provide the maximum benefit to the “customer” at the minimum price. A corporation is a for-profit organization that is supposed to provide the maximum benefit to the investor by providing the customer with the cheapest product at the maximum price. They are not the same, OK, they are significantly different in purpose and goals. Government is not a business and cannot be operated efficiently as a business.

On the other hand, if an English major would like to run, I might get behind the efforts of someone who can read and comprehend the clear meaning of the Constitution of the United States. Come on, it pays better than waiting on tables, even with tips. You get an airplane.


1 Steve Bates { 01.15.08 at 11:30 pm }

I have several email aliases for my two actual mailboxes. The Bloomberg email arrived via the one found at the moment on the YDD’s contact page. I used the unsubscribe link; we’ll see if it worked. The address itself… well, I change that every year or so, just to clean things out.

I deliberately subscribed to six of the Dem candidates’ email lists, directing them to yet another email alias that I shall “disappear” after the primaries. It’s not just Bloomberg: every blessed candidate (and a few damned ones as well) asks for money in more than half of his or her list emails.

2 Alice { 01.16.08 at 12:02 am }

Being an older, white male, Mayor Bloomberg would naturally bring his unique perspective to the Republican Party and guide them towards the 18th 21st century. And although I’m not sure what his college major was, I am sure he’ll be the next white hope revitalize the party faithful (or something like that).

3 Bryan { 01.16.08 at 12:06 am }

I’m not passing out any money at the moment, but I’m flat annoyed at this whole Unity movement. If they want to start a third party, go for it, but don’t waste my time pretending that there is a way you can bring the Repubs in to compromise. They haven’t done it in so long, they wouldn’t know how.

4 Bryan { 01.16.08 at 12:34 am }

I checked: he has a BSEE from Johns Hopkins, an MBA from Harvard Business and has always worked in investments first with Solomon, then is his own company supplying terminals and business software. His “jewel” is the Bloomberg radio network and publishing empire.

He is at least not a WASP, but being Jewish is not much of a variant.

Frankly, he’s a solution without a problem, a function that is never called left in the code during development.

5 Michael { 01.16.08 at 8:32 am }

I got that e-mail, too, though I don’t remember which e-mail account it came to. I promptly deleted it, as I do with most candidate e-mails I get.

6 John B. { 01.16.08 at 3:04 pm }


Don’t blame me! (A) I don’t have your correct email address. All the nasty letters I send your way come back “addressee is unknown to all but Homeland Security.” (B) Hey, you don’t see ME getting invites to Bloomberg’s coming out party. (C) All my money went to Dodd, figuring he’d last at least as long as Kucinich. Shows how much I know.

7 Bryan { 01.16.08 at 3:43 pm }

Michael, I read them in case they say something inane I can use for blog fodder.

Thanks, John, but your money for Dodd isn’t wasted if he can stop FISA. You can still write his name in, whether he’s running or not. It’s not like the DNC is going to notice what we do here.

Dennis is in it to the end.

8 Bryan { 01.16.08 at 3:45 pm }

Oh, John, it was John Kerry that supplied Obama with my address, at least it was sent from Kerry’s site.