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Caucus Circus — Why Now?
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Caucus Circus

I hate caucuses for the simple reason that, while seeming to be a democratic way of selection candidates, they most definitely are not based on the “one person – one vote” schema.

Everyone paying attention knows that John Edwards came in second to Barack Obama in Iowa, but Hillary Clinton received more delegates than Edwards.

Hillary is about to experience what John Edwards must have felt, because, it is highly likely that Barack Obama will receive more delegates in Nevada than she will, despite receiving 5% more of the vote. That’s what the complaint about the locations on the Las Vegas strip was all about. The locations were approved to facilitate voting primarily by members of the Culinary Union, and then the Culinary Union endorsed Barack Obama. The locations are for “at large” delegates because the voters are not in their residential voting districts, so Hillary will win a majority of the regular delegates, but Obama wins the “at large” delegates. Nice legal way of rigging a win. Very Rovian.


1 distributorcap { 01.20.08 at 4:45 am }

the primary/caucus sytem is completely broken. as is the whole election process

have we started the 2012 election yet?

2 Bryan { 01.20.08 at 11:56 am }

That’s why people have withdrawn, to start raising the cash for their 2012 run. You have to start four years before to compete any more.

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