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Missing The Obvious

So the Local Puppy Trainer reports on an actual successful conclusion to a criminal matter: Eglin shooting: ‘You don’t know what the potential was’

The manhunt for Willard began after a 3 a.m. car chase and shooting in Fort Walton Beach – where Nicholson said Willard took off in pursuit of a 29-year-old man, Jason Ward, who dropped off Willard’s wife near the family’s home.

Willard came out and chased away Ward in his car – then shot him as the chase reached the Northwest Florida Fairgrounds.

There was little information on what may have set off Willard.

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Update Stranded Mushers

The Official site finally posted on Kim Darst (52) and Blake Matray (9). They are alright, but have decided to scratch, and are being escorted to Shageluk.

Lou Packer’s wife had been following him on the GPS tracker and noticed he had been going at less that 1 mph for an extended period, and she called race officials.

Lance Mackey arrived in Elim at 7:20AM CDT and Sebastian Schnuelle left Koyuk at 8:48AM CDT. It looks like the real race is for second at this point.

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Race Day 10 – Iditarod

Iditarod mapLance Mackey (47) left Koyuk just before midnight CDT, 3 hours after Sebastian Schnuelle (34) arrived, and is hitting the trail with 9 hours of rest. Lance described the trip to Koyuk in the wind as one of the toughest runs he has ever made.

Laura Daugereau (45) scratched at Grayling. No definitive word as to why, but I would think that the 50° temperature drop and the wind chill played a part for the Port Gamble, Washington musher.

Hugh Neff (55) has dropped several places getting treatment for severe frostbite on his face. The run up the coast is directly into the wind with a resulting windchill below -50°. These conditions really require heated goggles.

Don’t miss the earlier “Terrible News” post on the situation of the last three teams in the race [Lou Packer (43)R, Blake Matray (9)R, and Kim Darst (52)R] on the trail from Iditarod. They didn’t say why they didn’t spot a problem using the GPS units they require every sled to have in the race.

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Éireann go Brách!

Irish Flag


Well everyone agrees that he died on March 17th, but the year is subject to debate. This is his feast day on the Catholic calendar. Enjoy as you are wont.

Wikipedia has more on Saint Patrick’s Day, if you need more.

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