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Red River Update

Via the CBC Red River may have peaked in North Dakota.

The current feeling is that because of the cold weather the rise may have stop at 12.44 meters [40.81 feet], rather than the 43 feet that had been predicted at Fargo. This is good news as Fargo had sandbagged for 43 feet and doesn’t need to be concerned about overflow, but the high levels will be maintained for at least a week, and the levees have to be watched for possible failures.

The other problem is ice dams forming along the river which can raise the level as they restrict the flow. While Winnipeg has good flood defenses, an ice dam at the wrong location can prevent them from being effective.

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We Have Some Weather

… The National Weather Service in Mobile has issued a flood warning for the following rivers in Florida and Alabama:

  • Big Coldwater Creek near Milton affecting Okaloosa and Santa Rosa counties.
  • Yellow river at Milligan affecting Covington, Okaloosa, and Santa Rosa counties.

… Forecast flooding changed from minor to moderate severity for the following rivers in Alabama and in Florida:

  • Blackwater River near Baker affecting Covington, Escambia, Okaloosa, and Santa Rosa counties.
  • Shoal River near Crestview affecting Okaloosa County.

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Status Quo Ante

That’s a legal reference in law suits. That is what plaintiffs are looking for, to have themselves restored to their life before the injury they claim was caused by the defendant. It is impossible to achieve without a time machine.

It is also used in regard to peace treaties, especially when borders are involved. While the borders may be restored to their old positions, the people who died are still dead.

This seems to be the goal of the “cunning plan”, to restore the financial system to the point it was at before everything went South. I would assume that they believe that all of the lives that have been ruined are just “collateral damage”.

Paul Krugman addresses this in his column, The Market Mystique, and there are a couple of things I wanted to highlight to show how shallow the media coverage has been.

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