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Public Service

Apparently it takes an economic disaster for people to start looking at what the local government has been up to with tax money. The Local Puppy Trainer is filled with the stories.

I’ve talked about the Sheriff’s problem which led to this dig by a crime victim, Cash Moore: “‘The main thing is … try to help me see whether they’ll give me my 800 back,’ he said. ‘If I don’t hurry up and get my 800 back, they’ll give it out as a bonus.'”

Cash [that’s his real, legal, first name] owns most of the liquor stores, and a good number of the strip clubs [male, as well as female] in the county. He had gone after a guy who had robbed one of his stores of $800, and nearly got his head shot off in the effort. The $800 is being held as evidence by the Sheriff’s Department.

In the Clerk of Courts office a Fired county clerk arrested over missing funds. The individual was performing marriages at the Clerk’s office, but not recording or turning in the $30 when the happy couple paid in cash. No one has suggested that the marriages performed aren’t legal because they were part of a crime. [Just causing trouble because no one married in the Okaloosa Clerk of the Courts office is going to have their divorce featured on Court TV.]

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No North For US

In local flood news, the Puppy Trainer has a list of roads under water, which includes all of the major North-South roads in the County.

To get to I-10 will require driving up to 35 miles East, or even further West to find a road that is passable. The county received about 9 inches of rain from these systems and the local rivers are still rising.

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Flood Wall Failure

The CBC reports Breach sends water onto school campus in Fargo

The slowly receding Red River breached a dike on the city’s north side early Sunday, sending water flowing into buildings at a school campus before it could be contained, city and school officials said.

The extent of the damage at Oak Grove Lutheran School wasn’t immediately known. The surrounding neighbourhood was not evacuated, but residents in some areas were told to plug their sewers and monitor basements.

This was a private flood wall system, and one section of the concrete structure was undermined by the water. The good news for the area is that they have a secondary system to will make their problem worse, but protect the surrounding community.

These problems will continue for a week, so this will not be the only flood structure that fails.

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Warning !!!

Avoid Cute Overload for a while!

They have a spyware ad that insists on scanning your computer for a virus that doesn’t exist.  The least obnoxious of these ads tries to sell you software that you don’t need, but many are Trojan horses that muck about with your computer.

The only relatively safe thing you can do is click on the Close X in the upper right corner.  Clicking on anything within the window will have unknown results that you probably won’t like.

The safest thing to do is a system shutdown, i.e. crash out, something Windows is quite good at.

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