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Sanctity Of The Law?

In the Pensacola News Journal we read: Pensacola attorney suspended

— Elizabeth Aileen Broome, 1004 E. Jackson Street, Pensacola, suspended effective immediately, following a Jan. 15 court order. (Admitted to practice: 1988) In December 2008, Broome was found guilty of 13 felony counts of grand theft. She took legal fees but failed to provide the legal services for which she was retained. Broome was sentenced to six months incarceration and 10 years probation. She was also ordered to pay restitution to her former clients in the amount of more than $68,000. (Case No. SC09-62)

Suspended‽ Thirteen felonies and her license is suspended‽ What do you have to do to get disbarred in this state?

The Local Puppy Trainer informs us: Ex-city marshal hopes to return

DeFUNIAK SPRINGS – Ray “Buddy” Burgess, a former city marshal who retired under ethics complaints and criminal charges for falsifying documents, is trying to reclaim the office that has been vacant since Mike Adkinson became Walton County sheriff in January.

Apparently they didn’t prosecute him because he agreed to retire, so he can run again. His story was he was just helping another law enforcement officer by falsifying documents to cover up some legal lapses on the part of that officer. [It’s not like he helped him bury a body … that we know of, anyway.]

DeFuniak Springs is the county seat of Walton County to my East. They are so conservative the elected officials haven’t changed from Democrats to Republicans, which is why Alan Boyd, the conservative Republican Congresscritter for Florida’s second district is officially listed as a Democrat. [I think Alan is currently fighting the restrictions about owning shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles, RPGs, or some other NRA silliness. 😈 ]