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A Recommendation

If you don’t have a local source for bicycle parts, based on personal experience I can recommend Niagara Cycle Works. [YMMV, and they do sell through Amazon if you use that venue.]

I’m restoring an abandoned cruiser bike to usability, and while all I needed was a couple of tires and a properly sized chain, the parts weren’t available at a reasonable price, because of the additional special order charge at the local bike dealer.

They shipped what I ordered, which is something that rarely occurs these days, and, even with the shipping charge, it was cheaper than a certain national retailer that claims to have low prices. [A neighbor shops there based on that claim and swore he could get the parts cheaper – he was wrong.]

I would note that the national retailer only carried white-side-walled tires in the correct size, and I would have had to shorten the chain they sold to make it usable.