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UN Official Dooced¹

CBS News is reporting that the senior UN envoy in Sudan has been declared persona non grata by the government for his comments in his personal blog.

Sudan Evicts U.N. Envoy For Blogging:

The Sudanese government Sunday ordered the chief U.N. envoy to leave the country within three days after he wrote that the Sudanese army had suffered serious losses in fighting with rebels in northern Darfur.

The official Sudan News Agency said the order was issued against the envoy, Jan Pronk of the Netherlands, because he had demonstrated “enmity to the Sudanese government and the armed forces” and was involved in unspecified activities “that are incompatible with his mission.”

Telling the truth with get you in trouble every time. He should have blogged in Dutch.

1. For those who are unfamiliar with the term: dooced