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Friday Cat Blogging

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Friday Cat Blogging


[Editor: Tonto Toes is blocking the driveway to show her his disapproval of traps. {My fault, he looks just like his mother except for that little white line by his nose.}]

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March 9, 2012   4 Comments

Iditarod XL Day 6

Iditarod XL MapMitch beat Aliy to the Yukon, and picked up a 7-course dinner and $3,500 at Ruby.

Running the Yukon River valley is cold work. The cold air settles into the valley, and the sun has limited opportunity to warm it up. The wind channels down the valley, so the wind chills are even colder. It is currently -11° F [-23° C] at Galena with a windchill of -23° F [-30° C].

Teams are required to take an 8-hour break on the Yukon, so the leaders will jump around.

Aliy is taking her breaks on the trail, which is why she is blowing through the checkpoints, and keeps taking the lead back. Mitch left almost 5 hours after her at Ruby. He should be able to claim that as his mandatory stop on the Yukon because he did stay 8 hours, but it isn’t yet displayed that way.

Aliy made it to Galena, and Mitch, Dallas, and John are all credited with their mandatory 8-hour stops on the Yukon. Aliy is going to have to stop in one of the next few checkpoints.

At 8:30PM CST:

At Galena
1 Aliy Zirkle (14)
Beyond Ruby
2 Mitch Seavey (35)
3 Dallas Seavey (34)
4 John Baker (11)
At Ruby
5 Aaron Burmeister (44)
6 Jeff King (10)
7 DeeDee Jonrowe (17)
8 Ray Redington Jr (2)
9 Sonny Lindner (59)
10 Peter Kaiser (28)
11 Jake Berkowitz (29)
12 Sigrid Ekran (24)
13 Michelle Phillips (26)
14 Ken Anderson (39)
15 Gerry Willomitzer (23)
16 Michael Williams Jr (51)
17 Josh Cadzow (55)Q
18 Brent Sass (50)Q
19 Lance Mackey (18)
20 Ramey Smyth (21)
[

March 9, 2012   2 Comments