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This Is Nonsense

I’m an old guy, and I would enjoy getting back some of the money I paid into the Social Security Trust Fund for at least a few more years, but, frankly, I am too old to rate one of the relatively scarce transplant organs available in the current US health care system.

When the big story is a guy even older than I am receiving a heart transplant, I have to wonder how many people with decades of productive years before them are waiting for transplants. I have had an OK life, but it is a one-way ticket.

I can hope that it is a relatively healthy heart from someone in their fifties or older that wasn’t suitable for a younger person, but people that old are not usually tested as donors. It is my personal view that it would be a total waste to put a healthy young heart into someone who statistically has a decade or less left.

One of the biggest failings of American society is its failure to accept death as inevitable. Americans generally refuse to even discuss it. People put off making a will or writing end-of-life directives. It really is an oddity in the world.

March 25, 2012   9 Comments