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Still Busy

But I saw the booking video of George Zimmerman, and he certainly didn’t look like he had been in a fight when he entered the police station.

North Korea is going to attempt to launch some type of rocket or missile so the US has put a hold on food aid, which affects the people, not the leadership. I guess thinking those decisions through is too difficult. The last time the US decided to stop aid to North Korea, they went all out with their nuclear weapon program, so they will do something outrageous in response. They are China’s client, so let China deal with them.

In order to be ‘fair and balanced’, the Pope criticized the US as well as Cuba, specifically the US embargo on Cuba. That will be appreciated in Miami. [/snark]

The pollen around here is brutal, and I have been working outside, so I have to take pseudofed. It’s more of a trial to buy it than Percodan/Oxycontin. You have to be registered and sign twice to get it. More security theater/police state insanity – collateral damage in the War on Drugs™.

March 28, 2012   6 Comments