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Missing The Point

The point of the protests about the death of Trayvon Martin, is to obtain justice, not to ‘hang’ George Zimmerman.

The guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman should be determined by a trial, not by a police department or state’s attorney who are unwilling or unable to do their job.

I can’t imagine what kind of probable cause the Sanford Police think they need beyond a dead body and an individual who admits he caused the death. ‘Self-defense’ is a valid justification, but, that justification needs to be examined in a trial. This case has nothing to do with the ‘Stand your ground’ provision of the Florida Criminal Code, so Mr. Zimmerman was obligated to retreat if possible.

The reality is that a person was shot to death, and the Florida criminal justice system was ignoring it. That’s what the protests are about.

March 31, 2012   4 Comments