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About Those Gas Prices

The BBC reports that Petrol prices hit another record high

The average price of a litre of unleaded petrol hit 140.20 pence [$8.42/gallon].

Higher oil prices, driven by concerns about Iran, have been behind the rising price of fuel. Crude oil prices have risen 12% since January.

It is amazing how they have figured out the problem is Iran, while some people in the US are calling for more drilling and a Canadian pipeline.

As for Iran, the Guardian notes that Nuclear watchdog chief accused of pro-western bias over Iran.

Two former IAEA inspectors, Hans Blix and Robert Kelley, who were involved in the hunt for mythological WMDs in Iraq, think that current IAEA head Yukiya Amano has a pro-western bias, is over-reliant on unverified intelligence, and sidelines skeptics.

It is also noted that the IAEA maintained a very low profile regarding the problems at the Fukushima nuclear facility. Mr. Amano is Japanese.

Many of the allegations regarding Iran are based on ‘intelligence’ provided primarily by Israel that hasn’t been verified by anyone else. Single sourced intel is generally regarded in the intelligence community as rumor. It takes two sources to make it ‘possible’ and three to make it ‘probable’.


1 Badtux { 03.25.12 at 2:58 am }

Iran has no need for an atom bomb because they already have one — blocking the Straits of Hormuz in the event of an attack upon Iran would be an economic atom bomb, the entire world economy would go into shock. Why Israel is bound and determined to get the USA to attack Iran given this fact eludes me. Does Israeli PM NuttyYahoo really think that Iran would not use their atom bomb if attacked?!

Note that Hizballah’s missiles were provided by Iran and all of Israel’s air power was unable to stop them from raining down upon Israel when Israel invaded Lebanon. Sure, they mostly hit farmers’ fields and such, but you don’t actually have to *hit* a ship to stop all commerce. Simply the fact that missiles are flying is enough for every insurance company to say “nuh uh, war underway, insurance cancelled” and every captain of every commercial vessel on the planet turns around and goes back home. There was not a single ship willing to enter Haifa Harbor while that little scuffle was underway despite the fact that not a single Hezballah missile came anywhere near Haifa Harbor. That was the core reason why Israel had to finally declare victory and run home, because they were literally days away from no food and no fuel.

BTW, Iran wouldn’t let Hizballah fire their *good* missiles at Israel during that scuffle. Those are reserved for the case of Israel attacking Iran, at which point missiles start falling on Tel Aviv and Haifa. That’s probably why NuttyYahoo is trying to get the U.S. to attack Iran instead, now that I recall that. Does he think we’re cretins?! Oh wait… President George W. Bush was elected by the majority of voters in 2004. Maybe he’s right… 😈

2 Bryan { 03.25.12 at 11:40 pm }

Oh, sure, bring reality into the conversation. That’s the problem with the Left, they want facts, and aren’t satisfied with the ‘party line’… 😉

Hell, they could use coastal artillery firing out of caves and the Strait would shut-down.

Meanwhile, thanks to the price of oil being driven up by speculators based on the threat, Iran and other oil producing states are raking in the cash, neutralizing the effect of the sanctions, not to mention making it obvious to the Iranian government that they can’t trust the West.

Well, getting hit by Hizballah is less embarrassing than what is coming out of Gaza, and the warheads on the Gaza rockets are filled with explosives salvaged from unexploded Israeli bombs. Maybe Israel should attack its air force for providing munitions to the enemy …

Bibi needs an ‘existential threat’ to cover for the failed domestic policy of his government, and Iran is the only semi-realistic threat available. The entire government of Israel is nuts, but not quite as nuts as the US politicians who back them, no matter what they do, and, yes, American voters are dumb enough not to catch on to the scam.